Bikie Wars: Братья по оружию - Эпизод 6 (Австралия) 2012

Добавил: liner | 4 ноября 2015, 18:03
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Download the free «Outlaw Bikers» app on IOS and android mobile devices for more information about motorcycle clubs and the biker lifestyle. Based on a true story, this is part six of a six part TV miniseries that first aired on Australian television in 2012. Episode synopsis:
The confrontation leaves six bikers and one innocent bystander dead. But the tragedy of Milperra is far from over.

Caesar tries to defuse the situation and suggests they dispense with guns and «fight like men». But a shot is fired — and suddenly a tragedy is inevitable. After it's over, no one leaves, both sides feeling it was self-defence.

But arrests are just a matter of time and both clubs are rounded up and sent to prison to await trial. Jock remains unrepentant, declaring himself the scapegoat. Blaming himself, Snoddy takes matters into his own hands — believing his sacrifice will save the others. It doesn't.
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