Bikie Wars: Братья по оружию - Эпизод 4 (Австралия) 2012

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Download the free «Outlaw Bikers» app on IOS and android mobile devices for more information about motorcycle clubs and the biker lifestyle. Based on a true story, this is part four of a six part TV miniseries that first aired on Australian television in 2012. Episode synopsis:
Hostilities between the two clubs intensify with Jock declaring war on the Bandidos. When Jock is knocked off his bike and Comancheros, Dog and Sparra, are bashed by the Bandidos at a suburban hotel, Jock declares war, which the Bandidos reject. But it is clear both sides are arming themselves as shots are fired at the clubhouses.

Afraid for the safety of his family, Bull Campbell tries to hand in his colours but Snoddy asks him to think about it for another week. There's a 'swap meet' at Milperra the following weekend, which Snoddy declares a compulsory meeting. «If the Commos are there — we will bash them and take their colours».
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