Bikie Wars: Братья по оружию - Эпизод 3 (Австралия) 2012

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Download the free «Outlaw Bikers» app on IOS and android mobile devices for more information about motorcycle clubs and the biker lifestyle. Based on a true story, this is part three of a six part TV miniseries that first aired on Australian television in 2012. Episode synopsis:
The tensions with Jock's western chapter make a mockery of club loyalty, Snoddy and the city chapter reject their Comancheros colours to join the Bandidos. Jock is bashed in King's Cross after his bucks night, but the city chapter vote against helping to avenge him. After all, none of them were invited to his wedding to Vanessa.

Tensions between the two chapters intensify to the point where Snoddy no longer feels they are part of the same club. He goes to Jock and tells him they are leaving the Comancheros to form an Australian chapter of the American Club, the Bandido Nation.

Colours are returned and burned, and Snoddy warns a new Comanchero member Kiddo to give his leader a message: «Tell Jock to stay out of Parramatta — or he's a dead man.»
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