Bikie Wars: Братья по оружию - Эпизод 2 (Австралия) 2012

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Download the free «Outlaw Bikers» app on IOS and android mobile devices for more information about motorcycle clubs and the biker lifestyle. Based on a true story, this is part two of a six part TV miniseries that first aired on Australian television in 2012. Episode synopsis:
Now a fully-fledged member, Snoddy does his best to calm bristling egos when Caesar Campbell and his brothers threaten to become a club within a club. Caesar's brothers join the Comancheros as Jock's recruiting continues. Jock's military drills are not to everyone's taste and the Campbells are showing signs of discontent.

When an explosives expert, Kraut, is recruited as a nominee, the Campbells are ready to look for another club. But Snoddy calms the waters and a new clubhouse is found overlooking Sydney Harbour. The new clubhouse is a great success, until the Campbells accuse Jock of breaking his own rules. To avoid the scrutiny of a meeting, Jock splits the club into two chapters. Snoddy pledges his loyalty to Jock, which Jock rejects.
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