Bikie Wars: Братья по оружию - Эпизод 1 (Австралия) 2012

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Download the free «Outlaw Bikers» app on IOS and android mobile devices for more information about motorcycle clubs and the biker lifestyle. Based on a true story, this is part one of a six part TV miniseries that first aired on Australian television in 2012. Episode synopsis:
Alone and adrift after his discharge from the Navy, Anthony 'Snoddy' Spencer discovers the seductive world of the outlaw bikie — and the formidable force that is Jock Ross, the Supreme Commander of the Comancheros.

In the late seventies and early eighties, all bikies wanted to do was drink, party and ride bikes. That — and the odd brawl with other clubs. It's a life-style Snoddy takes to with ease. He meets Lee through a fellow 'nom' (nominee) and a relationship develops.

Jock is recruiting, and Snoddy helps lure Caesar Campbell, a biker with a fearsome reputation, into joining the club. But it is Snoddy's part in a brawl with rival club — The Loners — that finally wins his brothers' respect and full membership of the Comancheros.
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